Spotlight November 2021

For advertiser’s evaluating their MarCom resources or conducting a search, specialized units are frequently created to serve those who may require more than a single agency discipline. COMvergence assembled a quick summary of the major bespoke units/integrated agencies set up by the “Big 6” holding companies.

Spotlight May 2021

Top 30 Global Advertisers based on total media spend 2020. Each of the Top 30 Intl. Marketers spent more than US$1B in 2020. The share of digital varies between: 21% and 58%. Media spend declined on average by -21% (vs. 2019) among the Top 30 Global Advertisers.

Spotlight March 2021

Key Findings & Rankings from our 2020 New Business Barometer (NBB) Global study In 2020 $22.2B reviewed globally. 2/3 of the total volume concentrated in six countries, of which USA with $7.3B. MediaCom leads with $1.2B of new client wins followed by...

Spotlight Feb. 2021

Marcom Agency Acquisitions 2016-2020 Since 2016, 403 agencies were consolidated into 19 communication holding companies (64%) / management consultancy firms (22%) / others advertising companies (14%)

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