• COMvergence uses tangible measurement metrics to provide high-quality reference data, guidance and support for marketing communication professionals, particularly Business Development executives. Like the Media New Business Barometer database, the Creative platform is continuously updated and reports are issued biannually.
  • Immediate answers to New Business pitch or prospecting requests, through COMv RFI. Subscribers submit questions (via email or website) and our researchers respond, usually within 24-48 hours. Best part… no database or training required.
  • Staying ahead of your competitors by being informed on the very latest performances and developments of leading media and creative agencies.Major pitch consultants have access to our agency profiles (updated on a quarterly basis) and use them in their shortlist decision-making process.

  • A unique perspective on the MarCom agency acquisitions (media, creative, digital) made by the six major MarCom holding companies and the leading Management Consultancy firms.

  • Samples of questions we receive and provide detailed answers to:

    • How are my competitors performing?
    • What are WPP/GroupM’s top 20 global clients?
    • What pitches are taking place now and/or are likely to be conducted in the coming months?
    • Total (in terms of volume and value) of media / creative reviews concluded since 2016?
    • What are the alternative agencies to the agency networks owned by the big six holding companies?
    • Consequences / impact of the acquisitions made by the holding companies on the agency new business results?
    • Key industry trends you are observing regionally or globally?


  • Through the various and innovative research topics studied, COMvergence brings a unique perspective of the MarCom industry, and more particularly on the creative and media agencies- as well as the convergences that are occuring between the agencies belonging to the same holding company.

  • Thanks to all the exclusive data COMvergence collects and manipulates, we are able to provide specific / tailored-made studies to Advertisers – such as Competitive Analysis based on spend across categories, Comparative analysis of media / digital agency management set-up in a given category, or Agency Roster’ SWOT analysis.