Jodie Stranger, Global Business Development Practice Lead – Publicis Groupe

COMvergence is our trusted partner for reliable information related to advertiser spends, market shares and new business performance for media agencies. COMvergence’s commitment to accuracy and meticulousness about the integrity of the data is incredibly valued; allowing us to have confidence in the quality of insights we can gleam from their reports and published information. Accessibility to the data through their intuitive platform is also excellent.

Camille Bellenger, Global Media & CMI Sourcing Director – L’Oréal

COMvergence is our trusted partner for reliable information related to media industry.

Thanks to the intuitiveness and easy-to-use platform, the access to the data is easier for us and all our markets.

Elizabeth McCune, Chief Growth Officer – GroupM Global

We have worked with Olivier and his team at COMvergence for the past seven years. We made the switch from RECMA to COMvergence for all our global reporting, across all GroupM agencies (spanning 80 markets), because we saw an accountability gap in the market that COMvergence was able to fill. With years of experience reporting on agency share, new business results, key industry trends, etc., Olivier built a suite of tools that allows us to easily and quickly see how our agencies are growing in-line with the market and to see what opportunities might exist for us outside of our own reporting. More importantly, though, is the accuracy of Olivier’s data sets. In the past we’ve not seen accuracy in our data as it was represented, which led us to have to apply factors to come up with the correct information to share with our own teams, but also consultants and clients. When you consider the demands for transparency in data in our industry working with Olivier has allowed us to feel we are getting the best view of share and how the market is moving. COMvergence is the only third-party we support and work with for all our industry reporting needs.

We use COMvergence daily, accessing a robust set of online tools thru the CARD platform. We have put our full trust in Olivier’s unbiased industry benchmark studies and use these time and time again in new business pitches and to help inform our own strategic decisions.

I, personally, enjoy the relationship we have with Olivier as I feel he is a partner in every sense of the word: always available, consultative, and fair.

Martin Sambrook, Director Global New Business – Ebiquity

Ebiquity was a founding client of COMvergence and has been using its data and platform for the last seven years. Ebiquity deploys the platform system globally ensuring a standardised view of competitive media spend data. As a consultant specialising in global media benchmarking and agency selection it is important to have information readily at hand about media investment globally, by advertiser, and by agency.
The COMvergence data platform delivers this information swiftly and in a readily presentable format, making for ease of comprehension and application to our reporting needs.
Olivier and his team are always open to listening to feedback on improving the service, but they also look to deliver innovative reporting and analyses, together with platform enhancements.

John Wren, Omnicom Group Chairman & Chief Executive Officer – Omnicom Group

Q4 2022 Earnings Call

“…if you look at media wins, for instance, using the only reliable outside source, which I believe is COMvergence, you’ll find that on a net billings basis, Omnicom won far more business in 2022 than any of our competitors.
In my reference in my first answer to COMvergence – or for media, in truth, that’s the only third-party that accurately accumulates and follows wins and losses, but they only do it in the media sector.”

Brian Wieser, Principal – Madison and Wall

COMvergence is by far the most reliable source of data for tracking the state of the global media agency industry and the relative sizing of individual agencies at a country level. Their data sets are really helpful for marketers looking to better understand their peers and competitors, too. Personally I’ve relied on them extensively for my analysis since the company’s inception.

Philippe Dominois, CEO & Co-Founder – Abintus Consulting

Since the inception of Abintus Consulting, COMvergence has been an integral part of our journey. As a trusted official partner, their platform has consistently provided us with accurate media intelligence in over 50 markets worldwide. The user-friendly interface ensures that we can access the information we need with ease, making it indispensable for our operations. It’s not an exaggeration to say that our work for our clients would be incomplete without the insights COMvergence offers. Beyond the platform, the team at COMvergence, led by Olivier Gauthier, exemplifies the true essence of partnership. Their unwavering support, friendliness, and dedication to our success have made our collaboration not just beneficial but also deeply rewarding. For any media consultant or pitch consultant, COMvergence is not just a tool; it’s a must-have. We at Abintus Consulting are immensely proud of this partnership and look forward to many more years of shared success.


COMvergence has strategic alliances with:

Agency Mania Solutions(Creative & media agency benchmarks)
Kantar Media
Abintus Consulting(Creative & media agency benchmarks)
WFA (Creative & media agency benchmarks)

These partnerships are critical to deliver unparalleled research products, market analysis and methodologies.