Spotlight July 2022


Top 30 Global Advertisers 2021 - represent 44% of the total media spend placed by 785+ multinational advertisers. Each of the Top 30 Int'l Marketers spent more than $1B in 2021

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Spotlight February 2022


Marcom Agency Acquisitions 2016-2021 - During 2021, COMvergence recorded 86 acquisitions of which five were part of the top largest deals since 2016. This is a strong rebound following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Spotlight November 2021


For advertiser’s evaluating their MarCom resources or conducting a search, specialized units are frequently created to serve those who may require more than a single agency discipline. COMvergence assembled a quick summary of the major bespoke units/integrated agencies set up by the “Big 6” holding companies.

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Spotlight May 2021


Top 30 Global Advertisers based on total media spend 2020. Each of the Top 30 Intl. Marketers spent more than US$1B in 2020. The share of digital varies between: 21% and 58%. Media spend declined on average by -21% (vs. 2019) among the Top 30 Global Advertisers.

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Spotlight March 2021


Key Findings & Rankings from our 2020 New Business Barometer (NBB) Global study In 2020 $22.2B reviewed globally. 2/3 of the total volume concentrated in six countries, of which USA with $7.3B. MediaCom leads with $1.2B of new client wins followed by...

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Spotlight Feb. 2021


Marcom Agency Acquisitions 2016-2020 Since 2016, 403 agencies were consolidated into 19 communication holding companies (64%) / management consultancy firms (22%) / others advertising companies (14%)

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