2020 March, 22 – MadisonBoom (China) — In the past year or two, the data provided by COMvergence has continuously appeared in industry information and reports. At the beginning of 2019, GroupM, a global media investment management group under WPP Dabang Group, announced that it will use COMvergence’s operational and business development analysis reports. As a benchmark, the two parties have reached global cooperation.

As we all know, the advertising spending data in the marketing industry, the business scale of the advertising group and business changes directly affect the global competitiveness of each specific company, and even relate to the professional development of each marketing person. Therefore, obtaining objective and transparent business contract amount and market share data is a necessary requirement for us to fully understand the development of the industry.

So what kind of company is COMvergence? What kind of methodology and algorithm is used to achieve the measurement of advertising costs? Madison State interviewed Olivier Gauthier , the founder and CEO of COMvergence, and he also gave us a detailed introduction to COMvergence, and provided his own views and opinions on data sources and measurement methods and industry trends.

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